Thursday, 8 March 2012

We are extremely happy to announce that we are releasing our catalogue digitally through our distributor Believe Digital. 

The following 10 albums will be released on 19th March 2012 and will be available from iTunes, Amazon and all good digital stores.

Fashion In Fine Style - Significant Hits……

… is a new compilation of Fashion productions and, as the title suggests, contains a sample of some of the best material from the label’s twenty year tenure as the UK’s principal reggae production house. The titles on the sleeve speak for themselves!

You can pre-order this album now.

The Greatest - Frankie Paul
A classic set from the Jamaican superstar, recorded at Penthouse Studios in Kingston and Fashion’s own A-Class Studio in South East London. 

Tracks include A No Nuttin, Little Walter, Rude Boy Dip and Cool Yah.

Powers Youth - Starkey Banton
Premier UK roots chanter Starkey meets the Dub Organiser in this showcase album which includes his classic I & I Saw Them Coming.

Digital dub from the roots with high grade lyrics!

Wickedness Increase - General Levy
Levy was the leading light of 90’s UK MCs, and this album remains his best. 

Includes hits such as Heat, The Wig, Champagne Body and Wickeder General.

Guidance - Nerious Joseph
Nerious has been one of the UK’s most popular singers since the mid-eighties, and is still going strong, recording new material and playing to delighted audiences everywhere.

This was his third album for Fashion, with lovers tracks like Distant Lover and Rock Steady Time as well as the more conscious songs such as Jah Is The Artical One and of course, Guidance.

Missing You - Janet Lee Davis
Janet rose to prominence in the early 1990’s as a Lovers Rock singer and dominated the reggae charts with hits like Two Timing Lover and Ready To Learn.

Both tunes are included on this album along with other favourites like Baby I’ve Been Missing You, Girl On The Side and Do You Remember.

Dub Convention...
Bush Chemists meet The Dub Organiser 
A dub collaboration between two top labels and producers! 

Fashion Records’ Dub Organiser goes into the ring with the Bush Chemists from leading UK roots and dub label Conscious Sounds to produce an one away clash album that brings out the best of both parties. Dub from the roots!

JA to UK MC Clash Volume 2... 
Tipper Irie versus Papa San
Tipper Irie was one of the original British MCs who found fame with Smiley, Asher, Phillip Levi and the rest of the Saxon posse. On this album he clashes with Papa San, one of Jamaica’s most entertaining deejays and proves beyond doubt that the UK can hold its own when it comes to lyrics!

This album contains San’s classics DJ Business and Perdominant, as well as Tipper’s hit combination Superwoman, recorded with leading UK songstress Winsome.

Heat – Various Artists 
Vibes galore on one of Fashion’s most famous rhythms! 

Deejays include General Levy (The Wig), Top Cat (Gallist), and Tenor Fly (Pose Up) with contributions from General TK, Poison Chang, and singers Mike Anthony and Winsome. The album also contains a special mega-mix from Chris Goldfinger.

Rumble In The Jungle Volume...
Cutty Ranks versus Poison Chang
A legendary clash of the titans as two of Jamaica’s top MCs slug it out with some of the UK’s foremost jungle deejays at the controls!

Tracks include Limb By Limb and Original Ranks from Cutty, and Press The Trigger and Shot Fe Bust from Chang, aided and abetted by such luminaries as DJ SS, Kenny Ken, Marvellous Cain and DJ Rap.

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